Bamboo tissue has risen in popularity among consumers in the past few years. People discovered this alternative toilet tissue in a variety of ways. Some are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to regular toilet tissue with the aim of switching to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Others discovered this because of that toilet paper shortage that happened when the pandemic struck. While some people are still thinking twice whether bamboo toilet tissue is good, those people who have already tried it could attest that it is indeed a great product and even a lot better than regular toilet tissue. Here are some of the best reasons why bamboo toilet tissue is worth it to try.

It is Sourced Sustainably

Regular toilet tissue is made from tree pulp which takes more time and resources to grow and harvest. However, bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo pulp. Bamboo is a lot easier to grow than trees. In fact, it doesn’t need a lot of tending and maintenance such as irrigation, fertilizers and chemicals. In just a few years, bamboo is already ready for harvesting unlike trees which take even more than 50 years to mature and be ready for harvesting.

Uses Zero Chemicals

From the start, bamboo doesn’t need chemicals for it to grow healthy. Since it is a grass, naturally it just takes in what it needs from the resources present around it. Aside from that, chemicals aren’t needed to produce bamboo toilet tissue. The bamboo is just pulverized and heated to break down the fibres and turn them into eco-friendly toilet paper.

Doesn’t Clog Toilets

Unlike regular toilet paper, bamboo toilet tissue is safe for use on all sewage and septic systems. It breaks down easily when soaked in water unlike the toilet paper made from tree pulp, making clogs less likely to occur. Whether you’re using it on a regular flush toilet or water-saving toilet systems such as those on RVs, you don’t need to worry about the toilet suddenly clogging due to toilet paper.

Soft and Comfortable

Some people think that bamboo toiler tissue is not as good as regular toilet paper when it comes to texture and softness. However, bamboo toilet tissues could actually be at par with regular ones when it comes to those features. Bamboo rolls are soft and comfortable to touch, perfect to use anywhere you want. When you buy bamboo toilet tissue, you don’t have to worry about the quality since it is almost the same with regular toilet papers.

Lesser Impact on Wildlife

Harvesting tress for its pulp means clearing wide areas of land filled with mature trees. These lands could be home to some wildlife and harvesting the trees suddenly would disrupt the wildlife that lives in it. Bamboo can be grown almost anywhere. Companies see to it that their bamboo farms are managed sustainably so it doesn’t have a negative effect to the environment when harvesting time comes.

Choosing bamboo toilet paper doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing quality. With all those advantages, you are actually investing in a better product with long term benefits on both you and the environment.