Hydraulic jacking system could be used to lift heavy loads. The device, hydraulic jack is used for this purpose and it is used by applying force via a hydraulic cylinder. There is a pressure created inside the cylinder chamber which helps lift heavy weighted loads. Hydraulic jacking system is often used in instances where elevators are needed to be lifted in low and medium buildings. A hydraulic jack will operate based on the principle of Pascal’s law. Specialized engineering teams around the globe invest in providing heavy weighing engineering services applicable to different projects. 

Application of Hydraulic Jacking System Engineering

Given below are some examples where hydraulic jacking system is applied.

  • Lifting any automobile or to change its tires
  • Lifting industrial heavy loads
  • Affixing cranes to lift loads
  • Lifting platforms
  • Using for material handling equipment
  • Using for earth moving equipment

Advantages of Hydraulic Jacking System Engineering

There are advantages of using hydraulic jacking system engineering for various industrial activities.

  • Occupation of less space
  • Less probability of system getting jammed due to rust in the screw thread
  • High effectiveness with heavy loads
  • Requires minimum effort to lift high loads
  • Convenience to use
  • Being lighter than screw jacks

However there are few disadvantages in this system as well

  • If the oil seals are worn out, jacking system is susceptible to failure which could cause serious problems
  • Relatively slow in speed
  • When become warm due to overuse, the oil used for hydraulic jacking emits a unpleasant odor 
  • It tends to overheat during a shorter time
  • If there is a leakage in the oil used, it pollutes water and soil

Alternate Jacking Systems

In addition to the hydraulic jacking system, there are some other jacking systems available for industrial work.

  • National series rack – and – pinion jacking system
  • VSD rack – and – pinion jacking system
  • Continuous hydraulic jacking system
  • Rack – and – pinion skidding system
  • X-Y skidding systems

Nonetheless in industries dealing with heavy lifting, for example in construction, if there is a requirement to lift heavy machinery, the most popular option would be to use a method involving hydraulic system. Therefore hydraulic jacking system is very prominent and hence engineering such systems is crucial. Other than the construction industry, another example from our day to day life to show the use of a hydraulic jacking system is when there is a requirement of lifting a vehicle to change a punctured tire. Use of a hydraulic jacking system is extensive as it is even used to lift smaller orders from a warehouse. Basically a hydraulic jacking system is valuable from a simple garage to a warehouse and along to a heavy construction site as well. Quality and efficient engineering of such a system is therefore highly valuable. When dealing with such engineering teams, it is essential that they are reliable, guarantee high safety and efficiency.