The second largest metropolis in Australia, Melbourne is well known for its vibrant, elegant and multicultural attributes. Hiding many gems within this city, there is so much to see and do in Melbourne. It is quite famous for a wide variety of sports and is well known to be the home of a talented bunch of chefs that master a variety of cuisines.

Here are some tourist hot spots to visit if you decide on choosing Melbourne as your destination for this vacation:

Federation Square

Opening its doors in 2002, the federation square has become an integral part of the city. It is a well-known tourist hub too. It has the ability of hosting a wide variety of events both indoors and outdoors and consists of one of the largest free Wi-Fi sites in Australia enabling you to search for your next stop in Melbourne.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Situated in 2 locations; Cranbourne & Melbourne. The Melbourne gardens contain more than 8,500 species of plants and also includes several rare species as well. Not only is it large, but it is also free. If you decide to travel to Melbourne during the summer, then the Royal Botanic Gardens provides you with a greater treat besides its lush greenery. You will be able to witness both a live theatre as well as a moonlight cinema under the stars. It is a great spot if you decide to bring your friends on a spontaneous picnic.

National Gallery of Victoria

This is the oldest public art gallery in Australia. This holds more than 70,000 works of art. It is well known for ‘The Great Hall’ where its visitors are encouraged to lie down and take in the breathtaking view of the colourful stained-glass ceiling. If you aren’t a fan of the classic arts, you can also visit a contemporary art gallery in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cricket Ground & National Sports Museum

Famous for sports in Australia, the Melbourne cricket ground is a popular tourist attraction. It has a rich and proud history of hosting the 1956 Olympic Games, 2006 Commonwealth Games and is considered the birth stadium of test cricket. They provide 75-minute tours daily to allow its witnesses to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce its magnificent history. In the summer you may be lucky enough to witness a cricket match or a football match during the winter season.

Melbourne Zoo

Dating its start to the late 1800’s, this zoo houses around 320 species of animals in state-of-the-art enclosures. You can witness ‘the trail of elephants’ which is a population of Asian elephants living in a traditional village setting. You can even witness the orangutan sanctuary that houses these animals in tree top homes. The zoo also organizes behind-the-scene tours and twilight music concerts providing all animal lovers with a fun-filled experience.

Australia is a fun and exciting country to visit but the city of Melbourne is special in itself. You will not regret choosing this as your destination for vacation as it contains wonderful destinations to explore and amazing food to taste.