The first and foremost fact that needs to be established is that your showering area needs some sort of special isolation – you don’t need to hear the reason why it’s a requirement. This is when you’re left with two major solutions: glass screens or curtains.

In this read, we’re going to tell you why glass screens are definitely much better over curtains.

Curtains use up so much space

Not all of us have massive bathrooms where we can play baseball, but you don’t need that when you know how to bring out the best in them. When you use curtains in a confined space, the bathing area is going to feel even smaller. Even if it was a ratherlarger bathing area, you should probably use a glass screen that pretty much doesn’t use any space in comparison to curtains.

Curtains are incredibly hard to clean properly

Any sort of fabric is designed to wear off with time, and that’s why clothes don’t last the longest. Now, you’d think that doesn’t it just take one ride to the laundry to get them cleaned? But does it always get the stains away even if the cleanliness is guaranteed? Clothes might be easy to clean but curtains aren’t clothes. Glass shower screens on the other hand is a piece of cake in terms of cleaning.

Curtains require a number of accessories (that last shortest)

We cannot stress on all the number of steel hooks, poles, and whatnot needed to hang curtains in a bathroom. In addition to that, there’s a considerable amount of labor work as well. Even if you considered the labor work, the accessories need for glass screens are worth their durability. Why? You don’t have to keep buying them when you’ll have to when it comes to curtain accessories.

Curtains in overall last way shorter

Do we even have to say how treated last way longer than curtain clothes?

Curtains aren’t capable of preserving heat/coldness

When you turn your geyser on, or when you want the water to be colder, the temperature of the water is going to be transferred to the atmosphere surrounding the showering area. This is why saunas are less sealed. That cannot be properly done with curtains, while glasses will do that perfectly.

Curtains are more unsafe

If glasses were so unsafe, there wouldn’t be so long-lasting furniture made by glass. In fact, the frameless glasses used as screens are just not glasses but are the treated ones. This basically means that they don’t shatter easily. On the flip side, in case you flip, you’re going to end up with collateral damage as you hang on to the curtains.

In conclusion

Our conclusion is that, even if you didn’t have glass screens as an option, you shouldn’t probably waste your money on curtains. Instead, look further, and it won’t be hard to come across a shop that sells screens. Once you get them installed, you won’t second guess your choice – that’s a guarantee.