Dressing up an infant takes careful steps and techniques. Especially considering the soft skin and the need for warmth, dressing up an infant in the right way makes sure they are comfortable and have a good sleep cycle altogether. If you’re having a newborn or is soon to have one, and looking what exactly you need to look out when dressing up an infant, here are few tips to help you out.

Consider onesies, bodysuits or wrap shirts

Onesies, bodysuits or wrap shirts are synonym with infant clothing. They are designed in a specific way to meet the new needs of clothing for a person who is unaccustomed to wearing clothes. However, when you’re purchasing these or pretty much any infant wears, make sure they are made using soft, delicate and safe fabrics like the Lil Creatures’ baby costumes. Considering this is very important as your newborn’s skin can be extremely sensitive where harsh rough or even unsafe fabrics touching the skin can easily cause rashes and other skin issues.

However, if you want a more stable option, consider onesies or bodysuits. They perform as a perfect base layer for newborns to stay in place and will keep the tummy and back from being exposed like in wrap shirts. This will keep infants less chilly and more comfortable with the right warmth. If you’re in a temperate location or environment you can consider wrap shirts that keeps the back and tummy exposed, so air gets in.

 Add footies

Remember that your infants’ feet too should be kept warm when dressing up. Keeping your newborn’s feet warm is key to help them get better quality of sleep. Now you can choose to add footies in two ways. One is the typical pair of warm and soft socks and the other is a full-body suit with a built-in foot. Built in feet will avoid the need for socks. Newborns as they grow up are adept at kicking off their feet and legs. This will make them eventually kick off socks as well, so it’s always best to invest in suits with built-in-feet which they can still use as they grow up.

If you’re afraid that your newborn can grow up too sooner to fit into these, don’t worry, you can just snip the foot portion off and turn them into bodysuits when they grow up.

Add layers when you want to go out

If you’re considering dressing up your newborn for a walk or a day out, make sure you add plenty of layers to keep the body warm and cosy while you’re out.  How thick the layers should be coming with the season or the temperature when you’re stepping out.

If it’s cold then obviously more layers and less when it’s hot, but don’t forget to layer up. Layering up keeps the newborn away from accidental scrapes from the environment or even insects or flies from stinging. Be aware not to over bundle as it may result in sweaty backs, flushed cheeks or even fussiness because of uncomfortableness.

These three are small but very important tips to consider when dressing up your newborn. Remember that whatever you dress for your newborn, it should focus on warmth, comfort and safety at all times.