While dresses aren’t worn as much as t-shirts or jeans, they are probably the most versatile outfit you may possess in your wardrobe with their varying styles, lengths and sleeve designs. When shopping for dresses, your choices are endless. It all just comes down to looking for the one that suits your body type, the weather outside and the event you are planning on dressing up for.

Here’s a list of a few dresses you could try on to ensure that you choose the right dress for the right occasion while flattering your body type:

Sun dress

Loose fitting with a wide neckline and spaghetti straps, these are the ideal dress for summer. They give a ‘fun’ vibe and are worn during warm weather. Sun dresses cinch at the waist and flow freely below. They look stunning in floral or pastel decorated materials. If you are going in to summer, a sun dress is an essential. Pair it up with that straw hut & big sunglasses and go enjoy a day at the beach with your friends.

Bodycon dress

These dresses are form fitting. They hug your figure and accentuate your curves. The perfect dress for a party/ formal gathering. They are usually made out of stretch material to sit prettily on the parts of your body you want to show off. This dress is ideal for the hourglass body shape.

Strapless dress

The ideal type of dress to show off your gorgeous and newly tanned shoulders. These dresses have no sleeves or straps, hence its name and sits right above your chest. Depending on its design and the material it is made up of, it is suitable both for a casual outing and a formal event.

Princess Silhouette dress

Taking its inspiration from the dresses that appear in Disney princess movies, this dress type can really make you feel like a princess for a day. They are tight fitting at the top and flow at the bottom. It is the kind of dress that suits any type of body as its main focus is on your arms and shoulders. It’s more suitable for a dressy event rather than a casual one.

A-line dress

The style of this dress revolves around the look that fits near the hips and flows at the bottom to create an A-shaped design. Best suiting the pear-shaped body type, this dress is ideal for a casual setting. A widely popular type of dress in numerous stores. You can find a variety of dresses such as the A-line in Scanlan and Theodore boutiques across Australia. It makes you look the right amount of classy and adds a feminine touch.

Cocktail dress

A mix of formal and casual wear; as its name suggests, this dress is ideal for a party or an outing at a bar. Stopping just below the knees, this dress rocks different silhouettes and necklines leaving you with a wide variety to choose from and most importantly a wide variety for your body type.

These are just some of the long list of dress types available out there. Dresses have the ability to elevate your style in a way no other piece of clothing could, so if you wish to stand out in a crowd opt for a dress instead.