When you are strapped for cash or on a budget you will have to adjust yourself to look amazing in much less. While sales and discounts can keep your wardrobe in style, accessories are the right way to take that basic look up a notch.

Here are some accessories that can elevate your budgeted look into something fashionable and fun:


Watches are the ideal accessory to make you look expensive. While high end watches are pretty expensive, you can opt for a replica that costs less but can give off the same look. You can try out the big and chunky watches if you want it noticeable or you can go for the thin bracelet -like watches to give your outfit a delicate elegance to it.


Belts are a great way to make those pants and dresses stand out. They make your waist look slimmer while giving off a classy look. Belts come in varying sizes, shapes and colours so you can buy a few and mix and match them up with the clothes you wear. They are a great piece that can make those jeans you bought at that neuw denim sale stand out for what it’s worth.


Scarves can make your outfit look chic and runway ready. Pairing up a plain white t-shirt with a colourful scarf is a great way to up your style. Go for colours that scream expensive even if it may cost you almost nothing.


The ‘IT’ accessory to make your outfit look high end; pick some pieces that look expensive but don’t really cost as much as it looks. You can stick to some hoops if you are looking for earrings, they are timeless and can be worn even if your outfit is casual or formal.

Pick out some long chains that look elegant. Rose gold is the colour that’s in trend right now, so you can go for that if you feel like it will suit you. If you are wearing short sleeves you can slip on some bracelets or rings to bling up those bare hands.

Nail Art

If you can’t afford a manicure to cover up those chipped nails, that’s alright. Buy some false nails instead. You can find plenty of them that are either plain coloured or have beautiful nail art adorning them. It is a subtle way of making your outfit pop.


It’s okay to not be carrying a Chanel or Gucci bag in your priceless hands. Try out a classic mule that goes with almost any outfit. They give an illusion that your look has many zeroes to its price tag.


The million-dollar make up that costs you almost nothing is; skin care. If you take care of your skin you will not need the unnecessary chemical-filled concealer or foundation. Own a blush to add a radiant tint to your cheeks and a nude lipstick for a perfect daytime look.

Your accessories scream more than your outfit so it’s not necessary to splurge too much to make your outfit look fashionable. Minimal is the new beautiful so stick to that mantra and you will look classy and elegant in an outfit that almost cost you nothing.