One of the best things in life growing up is having to learn a musical instrument and become proficient at it. Music actually brings about a sense of confidence to young people especially if they know an instrument to play along with their songs.

Music is also found to be a key factor in increasing not only the child’s level of confidence, self-esteem and self-worth but also it increases the IQ point of a young person by 10% if they know or is learning on how to play a musical instrument. So here is a summary of points for those who want to pursue learning a musical instrument.

Do Some Research

Make sure that you read on and research about what instruments are available for you to learn as of the moment, it also pays to know what you instrument is and will you be able to afford it when it needs to be purchased and when you do already have one, will you be able to commit yourself into such an instrument.

Because being good on a certain instrument needs time and effort on the musician’s part, one must know what they want as an instrument. The thing is it is always easy to envision one’s self play an instrument but it takes thousands of hours and practice just to get something right. Also make sure if there are available music teachers that can teach you about that certain musical instrument.

Know your instrument

Because of the demand in the music industry one can actually find so many shops that sell musical instruments and other music stuff. After choosing and committing into investing time and effort on an instrument, one must go and buy that instrument so that they can continue practicing wherever they are without trouble or problems. Knowing your instrument meant also knowing your parts and its functions. Melbourne Music Centre guitar accessories is one of the best places to shop for musical instruments.

Follow a Lesson

Look for a teacher or a lesson that you can easily understand and follow. All you have to remember is that you cannot be a proficient musician overnight, you have to invest your energy and time and resources to be one.

Also, you must accept that you have to start from the very beginning. You must be able to humble yourself that there are some aspects of the instrument that you will not quite get on the first few tries, and that there are times that you will have to focus you time for that specific hurdle in the learning process.


Lastly, one of the best things in terms of learning how to play a musical instrument is to be able to finally play it and perform it in front of an audience. It will not be like an audition, but it would be more like a rite of passage that every musician must be able to do before they can call themselves real musicians.

Like all other endeavour playing a musical instrument takes time and the pacing will not be the same as everybody else, so follow your own pacing and grow on your own time.