If you are still getting the hang of baking, hold off on purchasing expensive equipment and tools because you might be surprise at how pricey they can be. Of course, this fact should not deter you from baking especially if you discover that you have a knack for it. Who knows, in the future, this could be another source of income for you, baking and selling delicious goodies.

Once you have decided and committed to fully explore the art and science of baking, first you need to have the right tools and gadgets. Fortunately, even if you are on a pinch, you could still purchase the tools that you require. You only have to be smart about it and know which ones you need to splurge on and which ones you could scrimp on.

Mixer – Splurge

Splurging on a mixer is a necessity because you have no idea how much baking recipes would call you out to mix wet and dry ingredients (spoiler alert, it’s almost all recipes). Now, for you not to tire out so early in the game, you would need a trusty mixer that would mix all the ingredients thoroughly for you. When you bake, everything needs to be exact, otherwise the end result might not be what you are aiming for. And if the ingredients are not properly mixed, the dough might not rise, the sweetness might be uneven or your muffins might have lumps.

Measuring cups and spoons – Save

Yes, baking needs to be exact but the measuring cups and spoon that you have been using for cooking is enough for when you are baking (for now). As long as the cups and spoons still measure correctly and the lines are still visible, you could still use them. Of course, when you have the money to buy baking tools online, purchasing separate measuring cups and spoons is ideal.

Whisk – Save

You might think you would not need a whisk anymore since you already have a mixer. But you will still need one, especially if you will be just mixing batter good for one small batch of baked goodies. If you are baking for one (ahem, for you) or you just want to try out a new recipe, you would not need to use the mixer and a simple whisk will do the job.

Rubber spatula or Scraper – Splurge

You’d be using a rubber spatula or a scraper a lot and it is best that you splurge on this one not only because of the frequency of use but because you have to make sure that the frosting on your cake is all smooth and even. Having a trusty spatula or scraper will help you with that. You would not want a spatula with uneven sides that would make your cake’s frosting wonky, so splurging in one is recommended.

These are just some of the basic baking tools that you need to start baking and the more often you would be using the gadget, the better it is that you spend money on it.