Similar to any drugs and medication, CBD oil also comes with side effects. CBD is a compound found in marijuana, but if you are thinking of using because of the numerous health benefits, you have to know about the side effects and if they are worth it.

First and foremost, CBD is not the part of the cannabis plant that will make you high, if this is a concern. Second, using CBD for medication is legal in some places. Before you even start with your research on how CBD will be able to help you with your medical condition, know first if you are legally allowed to use it, to avoid any legal problems in the future.

CBD might reduce your appetite

If you could not afford to not eat because of whatever reason, you might want to skip on using CBD oil because it is a known side effect; reduced appetite. Although, some are known to react oppositely, they report to have an increase in their appetite, a common side effect of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the part of the plant that makes you high.

Even if others reacted this way to CBD, it does not mean that you would too or that if you had an increase in appetite that you have taken THC. Be prepared for the side effect to go either way and if you have any condition that will be affected by the change in your appetite, let your doctor know first.

CBD might make you drowsy

CBD is used by those with anxiety or by those who have difficulty in sleeping. With this, one of the possible side effects is that it will make you drowsy. If you are using it to help you sleep, then by all means this is not a side effect. This is the intended result especially if you are using CBD oil from a trustworthy supplier such as V & You United Kingdom. But if you will be using it for another condition, make sure that you would not be driving or operating any other machineries if in case you got drowsy.

CBD might give you diarrhea

For those using CBD for the first time, make sure that you are not going anywhere else since one of the possible side effects is diarrhea. You would not want to be dead caught on a date or in a very important meeting with your stomach acting up and you have to excuse yourself every five minutes. If you did not have this side effect after a couple of use, then it is probably safe to use even if you are going out.

Even if there are possible side effects, the benefits are still worth it although there is another risk that you might face when it comes to buying and using CBD oil; the purity of the product that you are purchasing. There are those that have a lesser quantity of CBD in their products than advertised and required to be effective. To avoid this, make sure that you are only buying from legitimate sellers.