Call centres have revolutionized over the years with advances in technology and cloud based contact centres have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and ease of use. Webex Calling is one such software for VoIP cloud based contact centre solutions.

Webex Calling system from Peak Insight Cisco calling is used by businesses around the world and it provides a communication solution for medium sized businesses. It allows businesses to get away from the traditional call centre model where hardware and physical connections are installed on the premises taking up valuable real estate. Instead, the infrastructure required for the software is based in the cloud as well as the management component. The requirements of businesses have changed over the years and communication has become a key consideration for company productivity. Webex Calling allows you to get in touch with customers as well as the team within creating an efficient method for communication. You can even have meetings with the features provided by the software. This helps cut down costs that will otherwise be used for travelling for meetings. You don’t need to worry about the reliability of Webex Calling as it has been created with improved security features and high quality of calls.

Because of the simple interface provided to carry out basic features of Webex Calling, it is a lot easier for people to learn and it allows for a greater degree of control. You will be able to enjoy significant cost savings with Webex Calling especially if you have increased phone traffic. You need to make sure that you inform your cloud contact centre provider of the number of calls expected in a day and the resources you have so that they can provide a customized system for your needs. There is an initial cost that is required where you will need to upgrade your current phone system to an IP system and you may need to upgrade your routers for a stronger internet connection. So you will need to speak with your internet provider to get a package with higher reliable speeds. But you will be saving costs in the long run given the many benefits that come with the cloud based system.

A call centre agent or any staff member can simply log onto the cloud bases contact centre system to access all the features of Webex Calling. You will also be offered features like a virtual receptionist, call recording, voicemail etc. You can also expand the system by adding new users when required. This is a great system when you want to move your office location. You will not have any dips in operational performance as all you need is a device and an internet connection. This allows businesses to transition into more work from home options as well. End to end encryption and other security tools are provided with Webex Calling which will improve the security of your communication network regardless of location. You can also ask the provider about additional security options that can be installed.