The phase of a woman’s life known as “maternity” occurs when she is carrying and giving birth to a child or children. It requires extra care and attention, just as any other cycle does. And just like every other cycle, it begins with menstruation, then moves on to ovulation, then fertilization, and finally birth.

The Latin word “mater,” which literally translates to “mother,” is where our English word “maternity” comes from. A woman who is pregnant, either because she is currently carrying a kid or because she has just given birth to a baby should wear a garment that is specifically designed for pregnant women. Expecting women who are passed the sixth month of their pregnancies typically wear maternity wear.

They help support the mother’s growing uterus and baby as she adopts a variety of positions and postures throughout her pregnancy. Maternity wear is designed to help women maintain their bodies’ natural contours throughout pregnancy without adding extra pressure or discomfort. If you are a first-time mother, here are some maternity clothing shopping tips to remember.

Check your Closet First

Check to see if any of the items you already have will be capable of accommodating your expanding tummy before you go out and spend a fortune on a fancy maxi dress or the ideal pair of elastic pants. Forgotten maxi dresses may be waiting for you at the back of your wardrobe; they are just what you need for this event.

Make Sure it is Breastfeeding Friendly

Without a doubt, if you want to get your money’s worth out of a new wardrobe purchase. It is a good idea to stock up on things you can use before and after the baby arrives. Search for clothes that feature closures or zippers along the front that allow for discreet nursing.

Nursing in style and privacy is now feasible with breastfeeding tops from different leading brands. If you choose not to buy breastfeeding tops, any blouse hooks that can be easily pushed down will do. So, what are you waiting for? Shop Now!

Choose the Right Underwear

Buying the right underwear can be quite tricky. From conception through about the third or fourth month of pregnancy, your breasts may grow by as much as three to four cup sizes, which can be rather uncomfortable, so it is best to wear a non-wired bra that is soft and stretchable.

From three to eight months of carrying a baby, you won’t experience a lot of physical change, so any breastfeeding bra will do. You should buy a bra with a smaller band size and a cup that has a bigger size between 8 and 9 months pregnant because your ribcage will shrink substantially after giving birth.

All-season Shopping

Nine months is a long time to be carrying a baby inside you, so you will probably experience a variety of seasons and extreme weather. Keep yourself and your growing baby bulge comfortable throughout the colder and warmer months by packing appropriately sized clothing.

You have to consider shopping for shoes as well.