Roller shutters are metallic doorways that can be used to provide passage to or from an interior space and are generally used in commercial or industrial locations for security reasons or to provide an access point for cargo loading and unloading. They are also used in residential buildings due to the small space they consume as well as their integration with various security systems. Several types of roller shutters can be identified and classified based on the material of fabrication, functionality and features, methods of operation etc. These different types of roller shutters are used for various purposes and selected based on the use case and the features they offer. Almost all of these types are sold by suppliers such as Melbourne roller shutters who will also often provide consultation on the type of roller shutters most suitable for the required use case. This article describes several of the more popular types of roller shutters and their features.

Automatic Roller Shutters

These are popular as garage doors in most residences and are defined by their feature of opening and closing electronically. The door system includes a motor which can lift and lower the door electronically. They are generally controlled by a remote which allow the users to open or close the door from a distance. They can additionally be programmed or integrated with other security features such as proximity sensors to automatically open when a specific car is outside the door and close once it is inside.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

This is a classification of roller shutters based on the material of fabrication, and as the name suggests, is generally made of aluminium. It offers certain features such as complete visual privacy, durability, and strength. They are also resistance to corrosion and heat, as well as being easy to maintain, which makes aluminium one of the most popular materials for the construction of roller shutters.

Polycarbonate/Transparent Roller Shutters

These are generally found in commercial spaces where the aesthetic appearance may be important. They are characterised by the front facing material being translucent, allowing distorted light to pass through which still maintains a degree of privacy while letting a certain amount of light pass through to either side of the door. They are more expensive than aluminium but have most of the same qualities including being lightweight and durable.

Mechanical Gear Roller Shutter

Mechanical gear is the method of opening and closing the shutter where the device door control is fixed to a separate gear which can be rotated manually to open or close the door. This is usually used where the size of the opening is large and physically raising the door is difficult. The door can be raised or lowered by winding the mechanical gear which is connected to the door by a pulley system and winch which transfers to force to the door and moves it accordingly.

Push/Pull Roller Shutter

Similar to the above, this is a manually controlled roller shutter where the door can be raised or lowered by physically interacting with the door itself and lifting or dragging it down. This is therefore used in smaller opening where such actions are possible without inconveniencing the users.