In planning events that involve men and food/drinks, the role of erotic waitresses is always going to be significant. The women and the agencies that understand the demand are already there in the market. Hence, you should be able to make better selections.

In doing so, here’s the checklist that you should go through when selecting erotic waitresses.

Are they self-employed or employed by an agency?

Although the rest of the factors in this read aren’t in any particular order, this is going to be the first and the most significant one. The biggest downside of hiring self-employed waitresses is that you’re going to have to handpick them.

When the hired waitresses tell you that they got friends, you can’t be sure whether they’d be able to handle the event – especially in the erotic context. But when you go for adult agencies, you know exactly what you’re paying for, and you’re always going to get the best service possible.

For example, visit right now and check just how diverse and professional what they do is. Because of this professional guarantee, you don’t have to worry about the role of the waitress in the erotic context at all.

Servicing area

If the event was happening in Melbourne, it’s a little bit expensive to over a bunch of waitresses from outside the city. This is why most agencies have categorized their waitresses by area. Because of that, you’d be easily able to choose someone from your area. This cuts off an unnecessarily expensive and it’s physically comfortable to the waitresses as well – that’s the smart choice to make.

Available costumes

Erotic waitressing always comes with costumes. Now that you’ve chosen to go with an adult entertainment agency, it’ll be much easier and comfortable to check that fact since almost all the details are available on the websites. Because of that, you won’t have to be surprised by a costume that doesn’t go with the vibe of the event at the last moment.

Average pricing and duration for separate packages

Most of the agencies and the women considered will have a minimum servicing duration. This mostly fluctuates between 2-3 hours where the service charge varies between 250$ up to around 400$. But you should always double-check with the agency, and the chosen waitresses to ensure that everyone was on the same page. If not, you won’t be able to say no to last-minute price increments that you didn’t see coming. However, surprises like these don’t happen with professional service providers.

Their general expertise

Just as much as the costume, not all waitresses are great at being topless waitresses and progressive ones. We highly advise that you stress this factor and ensure that the waitress is comfortable and capable of fulfilling a requirement.


As long as you’re hiring the strippers from a reliable agency, you’d always be able to have the best. As you come down the checklist, the more you consider, the more bespoke would be your solutions. That’s the way how to choose erotic waitresses in the 2020s.