There are many women all across the globe who are fond of Indian jewellery and its diverse designs and options. Indian fashion jewellery is famous in the global market as well mainly because the dazzling designs attracts the attention of many. The new trends that are being introduced in the market are a mix of both ancient and contemporary designs hence it is accessible to the world at large.

Women in the west are attracted towards Indian jewellery and the culture and traditions it offers. However, they often face the issue when it comes to determine whether they can wear Indian jewellery or not. It is not because they are not allowed to but because they feel that it is not going to suit them as much as it suits the people living in the subcontinent. They tend to feel shy and less confident as they find it difficult to step out of their comfort zone. However, their desire to wear it or try at least once stays the same throughout their lives till it is given a chance to be executed.

In the Indian culture and traditions, wearing heavy traditional jewellery is considered to be a symbolic representation of their beliefs especially if they are wearing temple jewellery. The jewellery also symbolizes aspects like wealth, status and power of the bride as well as of the groom’s family.

Women in the west should realize one thing that jewellery is designed for everyone and as long as people can stylize it their way they can wear it. Indian jewellery has a lot to offer and apart from traditional designs, tribal jewellery is also quite popular. It is mostly organic in nature as it is made up of wood, clay, crude, shells or bones. These pieces are organic in nature as they are carved out of different metals and stones. The unique feature of the jewellery is retained as only carving needs to be done.

However, there are a few things that people can consider before choosing a statement jewellery piece. It includes the following:

  1. If you are choosing an Indian necklace set then the most important aspect that one needs to consider is the neckline. For instance, choker necklace looks classy and stylish with an off shoulder dress or shirt. It looks super trendy with button down shirts as well.
  2. Make sure the pieces are paired up in a wise manner. One should not avoid any sort of big earrings if they are planning to wear a heavy neck piece. Layering up a lot of pieces can look weird and hence it should be avoided.
  3. It is very important that the jewellery is decided according to the dress you are planning to wear as if it is not blending in with the outfit then there is no use of wearing it. The outfit should not look dull with the jewellery infact adding beautiful pieces of jewels should make it look more appealing than before.