If you’re tired of your bedroom looking boring, you’ve come to the right space. We’ve run through all the ways you can make it look richer. Why don’t you read ahead?

No More White Walls

Does the space have plain white walls? It’s time you get rid of them. You may think they’d bring a more minimalistic look, but this notion is dated. You should add wall paper or some colour. If you want to be trendy, you can keep some of the walls white, while an accent wall would be a totally different shade.

Plain walls do not make spaces look minimalistic. You know what does? Grey tones.

Get a Head Board

A head board is a sure-fire way to transform the space. The key goal with them is that they should stand out. But they shouldn’t stand out in a bad way. You’d be making the space hard to be in if the headboard contrasts sharply with everything in the vicinity. You can’t go wrong with velvets.

Pile on the Pillows

When someone walks into the room, they should be tempted to sleep on your bed. You can achieve this decadent feel by piling on the pillows. You’ve probably seen pictures on Pinterest with pillows stacked a certain way. You’d have to include two large Euro options, two standard sized options, along with two smaller ones

To make sure the bed doesn’t look too stuffed, the pillows shouldn’t take up more than quarter of the bed’s length.

Something that would add onto the plush feel would be bed sheets that are fluffy.

A Ceiling Fan

Depending on where you live, ceiling fans may not be that common. They’re great for multiple reasons – one of them is that they don’t take up as much electricity as ACs. And they are super stylish.

They come in all kinds of shapes and styles, so you’ll be able to grab something like a white timber ceiling fan, or an option made purely from aluminium. There are fans with two blades instead of three too.

Add Seating

How big is the room? If you have enough space, think about adding furniture – stick to a colour palette to make the room look more cohesive.

You can make the space look grander by being wise with where you place the seating. If there is space near a window, it’d be the best spot. Hotels place furniture in such positions, so your room would be reminiscent of a hotel’s.

The plusher the furniture, the grander the space would look. Don’t be afraid to go all out.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to make bedrooms more luxurious, you now see that there are many things you can do. A lot of them don’t cost a lot either. When it comes to the things you could do, the best and easiest would be changing the colour of your walls. If they’re a plain white, the room would look dated. You can make the space look especially chic by adding accent walls.

Something that would transform the space would also be plush pillows and bed sheets. Don’t add too many pillows, though. You’d find it hard to sleep.