A massage is a therapy in itself. It involves the rubbing of muscles, tendons and joints in order to provide relief from pain or discomfort. The body can hurt for many reasons; sometimes it is to do with how you sleep, the weakness of certain muscles and joints, sports injuries and even stress.

Whatever the reason is there are different types of massages that are specialized for each type of need. The type of massage received at a spa is different to the one an athlete receives at physiotherapy. Therefore, here are list of the main 5 types of massages.

Swedish massage

This type of massage is when led with a slow and gentle touch. Spas and recreational facilities follow the Swedish massage as it is for relaxation purposes. Massages can hurt as its main idea is to relieve knots therefore a Swedish massage is ideal for someone who is not familiar with massages or is sensitive to touch.

There is a difference between remedial massage and relaxation massage. The Swedish massage is clearly for relaxation purposes. If you are someone who wakes up with a series of pains in your neck and joints a Swedish massage will help relieve the tension by soothing out the sore muscles. It involves kneading, deep circulation and vibration and tapping to name a few.

Hot stone massage

We have all probably seen this type of massage on TV or even experienced it. While it looks sensual and nice to look at, there is a reason as to why stones are used. It is similar to the Swedish massage but uses hot stones instead of hands.

This is ideal for anyone who experience muscles tension and pain. It relieves pain, increases blood flow, reduces stress and provides relaxation. The hot stones are kept on different place of the body during the massage.

Sports massage

Sports massages are also known as physiotherapy. This is usually for athletes who have experienced injuries or muscle tension. There are a variety of different types of massages included in sports massages. A sport massage sometimes involves massaging the entire body or even just a certain part depending on the reason and need for your massage. The length of the massage and frequency may vary on your need, injury and recovery period.

Deep tissue massage

This type of deep tissue massage in involves pressure unlike the Swedish massage style. It is mostly used on those experiencing chronic pain, soreness and injury. Deep pressure is applied to the tissues to gain results and relief.

This is not particularly a relaxing massage as there is some sort of pain that is experienced. However, the relief felt afterwards is what makes a deep tissue massage one of the most effective. It involves using slow strokes and the fingers to apply pressure to the sore muscles.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatic massages are those who want to experience emotional healing. It helps to boost your mood, reduce stress and pain. It is to achieve peace and calmness.