Weighted Blanket for Anxiety – How It Can Help Treat Your Anxiety Issues

There’s a reason why the concept of counting sheep was formulated. It isn’t just something you see in cartoon shows. It’s real. Some people out there are counting sheep, and they’re doing it to try and fall asleep. If you’re among these people, then you can relate to the hardships of trying to obtain a deeper level of sleep. The main culprits for your sleeping problems are stress and anxiety. These are things that you experience during your daily activities, which can carry on up to when you’re about to go to sleep. Fortunately, there’s a new approach that doesn’t involve drugs or doctors and is becoming increasingly popular: weighted blanket for anxiety.


Weighted blankets may look like regular blankets, but they’re filled with pellets or plastic beads to purposely make them heavier. Average weighted blankets typically weigh from three to 20 pounds. Companies and even doctors are already marketing them as a solution for insomnia, anxiety, and stress – three of the biggest issues when it comes to sleeping problems. In this article, we’re going to show you why this is the case, and why people are buying.


The Use of Weight in Therapy

The concept of weight as an effective calming strategy has its basis coming from current medical practice. Weighted blankets have been around for as long as everyone can remember. They were primarily used for kids with autism spectrum disorder and behavioural disturbances. Medical practitioners consider it as among the sensory tools that are commonly used in psychiatric units. Patients who are suffering from various kinds of distress may choose different types of sensory activities. It can be holding a sharp object, smelling particular scents, building objects, or doing arts and crafts – whatever it is that can help them calm down.


The Significance of a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Weighted blankets are supposed to work the same way tight swaddling helps infants feel snug and secure. The sensation that they feel helps them fall asleep more quickly. The weighted blanket basically replicates the same thing, stimulating a warm and comforting hug. In theory, it can help calm and settle your nervous system, alleviating you from the anxiety that you feel and helping you fall asleep faster.



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