Engaging in physical activity is important. the benefits that come with exercise are many. It helps in losing weight which in turn would prevent obesity, reduce the risk of heart conditions, like coronary artery disease, helps in lowering blood pressure and controlling the triglyceride levels, helps in also regulating blood insular and glucose levels, improves one’s mental health and mood, strengthen the muscles and bones and also improve your sleep.

This shows that including exercise as a part of your daily routine is important but some may find initiating and sticking to exercise annoying and boring.

There are ways to make exercise very interesting and include it in your daily life.

Find your motivation

This is easier said than done. To start and continue something you have to find your purpose of doing it, there may be many external motivations but until you find your inner motivation it is less likely you are going to stick to it. Find out why you want to start exercising and what is stopping you from doing. Many want to exercise to lose weight and look good for others, since you are doing to gain appreciation from others you are most likely going to stop. Focus on yourself and engage in physical activity because you want to be healthy.

Prepare for the exercise

Plan what you want to do before. Schedule your exercise before this way you won’t waste time thinking of what to do and give up. If you don’t know how to schedule there are premade schedule online which you can use for yourself.

You can exercise in James harvest sportswear. Donning proper clothing for the exercise would also give you motivation to do the exercise.

Start small

if your goal is to work out for one hour, start from doing the workout for 10 minutes and slowly keep increasing it. Overstressing your body at once would lead you to giving it up soon.


Consistency is the key. If you are finding it difficult to include an hour workout in your day don’t give up, workout for 15 minutes and don’t be harsh on yourself just because you miss one or two days of workout.

Join with someone

Doing an activity with someone makes the activity more fun. Have a workout partner this could be your family member or a friend.

You can on the other hand join classes like dance class or any sports class.

Make exercise fun

If running on treadmill bores you try something else, there are many forms of physical activity, this can be your favourite sport like swimming basketball or dancing. Do something you love. You don’t have to do the same thing every day, switch it up. If you are doing cardio on one day do strength training the next and go out for walking the day after. This way you won’t be bored.

Keep track of your progress

Keeping track of what you are doing will help you keep focused and also would give you the feeling of accomplishment which will help you move further.