What Could Happen If You Don’t Remove Tree Stumps?

Aside from being an eyesore that occupies a lot of space in your landscaping, leaving a tree stump on your yard corresponds to numerous risks both to people and your property. There are plenty of valuable reasons why you must get rid of those unsightly and damaging tree stumps on your yard. The premise is you need to invest in professional tree stump removal Adelaide to avoid facing the burden of seeing the remnant of a tree you cut create other problems.

1 – The stump will eventually become home to pests.

A stump that is left behind will eventually rot and will soon attract pests such as carpenter ants, beetles and of course the most damaging termites. These pests will make use of the stump as their home to grow. Although it may not trouble you to have these pests in the stumps in your yard, eventually if it continuously increases in number, it will migrate to your home and create significant structural damage that will demand costly repairs or worst reconstruction. Thus, if you want your home and property to be free from these wood-boring pests, consider taking advantage of professional tree removal services. Pest infestation is undoubtedly the last thing a property owner like you would want to experience. Take note that removing a stump will cost considerably lesser than eliminating an infestation which will ask for thousands of dollars. Not to mention the damage it will leave to your home if not treated immediately.

2 – Stumps are a tripping hazard.

Stumps are also a significant threat to the safety of your family and other people visiting your home. Although you already have grown accustomed to the stumps presence and can easily avoid it, children and your guest are not. Stumps imposes tripping hazard most especially if it is cut low to the ground. People who aren’t familiar with your yard may not notice the existing stumps leading them to fall and injure their selves in the process. And the worst part is you will be liable for the accident. Plus, there is a considerable chance that children including seniors might get injured due to failure in noticing the presence of the stump. Keep everyone safe at home by paying for the services of an expert to remove the annoying tree stump on your property.

3 – It makes no sense to let it sit there.

Leaving a tree stump in your property has no valuable reason and significant purpose. Although you can ignore it, you should never take for granted the safety of everyone and your property. Don’t let it harm your family and friends including your property. Finally, be sure you hire an expert in tree stump removal Adelaide to avoid possible injury or damage to your property.