How to Tell If Your Steel Roof Needs Repair or Re-Roofing

While it is true that an investment in a steel roof is quite high compared to other roofing materials, what most people who are put off by it do not realise is that you get an impressive and quick return on your investment. Proof of that is the fact that steel roofs are almost maintenance free. If it is properly installed, it could last a lifetime, even in areas with extreme weather conditions.

But like all other roofing materials, the one made from steel will eventually give in after some time. If your roof is more than three decades old, do not be surprised if signs of damage start showing up, including deterioration and leaks. In case you notice that there already are some issues, the appropriate response is to call a professional. Only an expert roofing company can figure out if your roof needs repairs or steel re-roofing Adelaide.

It’s true that a steel roof can last up to 70 years and can withstand wind of up to 120mph, but it does not mean they no longer will give in to external forces. If you fail to maintain your roof the way you are supposed to or maybe the installation was a result of a botched job, then damage and deterioration will surface sooner or later.

Poor Installation Job

One of the things that could force you to fix or replace your roof made from steel is improper installation. The thing with installing any roofing material is that it requires attention to detail and finesse. If one aspect is left out like the inappropriate placement of the underlayment and panels, the presence of punctures, as well as a failed seaming, then water will eventually find a way to get through those imperfections and wreak havoc to the structure. If any sign of leaks is ignored, there is a good chance that you could end up opting for steel re-roofing Adelaide instead of preventive maintenance or minor repair. So, the moment you figure out there is a poor installation job, call a roofing expert to fix it as soon as possible.

Damage and Degradation

Even if a steel roof does not need regular seasonal inspection and maintenance, you still must periodically conduct a visual inspection for any sign of damage and deterioration. Several signs point to the need to call a professional roofing company for repair or replacement, including:

  • Presence of leaks and tears
  • Punctures
  • Loose nails
  • Rust and discolouration
  • Lifted Fasteners
  • Corrosion

Do not wait for any of those signs to cause severe and irreparable damage to your steel roof. Even though you know it is durable and resilient, the fact that it no longer is in top condition means you must do something about it before it is too late.