Likely Problems When You Overlook Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspections

Buying a house is an exciting process. You will finally have a peaceful and relaxing environment for your family. But do not let this excitement get over you as it is the case with many people. Keep in mind that you’re making an expensive and a lifetime investment, and so there is a need to get everything right. The fact that the real estate agent has found your dream home and you have a reasonable budget to buy the house does not mean you go ahead and sign the dotted line. Finding your dream home is only the first step of the process, and you still have a long way to go. What you need to think of next is having pre-purchase pest and building inspections.


Once you find your dream home for your family, what should follow is inspecting the condition of the building. The building inspector will visit the house and inspect the condition of the house from the interior and exterior and even inspect for pest infestation. Besides checking the structural integrity of the home, he/she will thoroughly examine other systems in the house, for instance, the electrical and plumbing system for your safety. After the inspection, the inspector will then write a detailed report explaining the findings and what you should do to correct the problems.


Since most home buyers are always in a hurry to seal the deal, they will overlook pre-purchase pest and building inspections, and this is where the danger is. Others may argue that inspections are an added expense which is true. However, these inspections are not always expensive and will save you from troubles in future. Here are two main problems you will avoid by doing pre-purchase building and pest inspections.



By having inspections before buying your dream home, you will avoid overpaying for the property. But how so? Well, with the building inspection report, you will know which areas have problems as well as which systems are faulty or needs your attention. You can, therefore, use the inspection report to negotiate for a better deal with the property seller. If he/she is not willing to reduce the selling price, you can ask him/her to repair the cited issues before you commit your money. This way, you will not only avoid overspending, but you will get value for your money.


Another common problem that you will face by overlooking pre-purchase pest and building inspections is expensive repairs in future. If you do not have inspections when buying the property and you sign the deal, then what happen next is up to you. Imagine buying a house, and after one year you realise that there were pests all along and they have caused a lot of damage? Or finding out that the freshly painted walls were hiding deep cracks in the walls? What will you do? You will do nothing but foot the bill for the expensive repairs. Had you done building inspections, you would have avoided that and probably purchase a different property. Therefore, never overlook inspections are they can save you thousands of dollars.