Your weekends shouldn’t be just about sleeping in bed all day, or scrolling through social media. It’s the only two days you are with each other so spend that time doing something worthwhile. Here are some fun ideas.

Make a portrait of each other

On winter days, when you are forced to stay indoors due to a gloomy day, why not devote yourself to painting? Make a portrait of yourself, even if you are not a master artist let yourself be inspired by your most creative part and express your personality by recreating the face of the beloved. You will be surprised to discover yourself through the eyes, and the pencil, of your partner.

Try a new sport/ hobby

How about trying something quite adventurous? Rock climbing, hiking, sky diving cycling to explore the green spaces in your area are all fun sport activities to do with your partner. The best thing is to choose a sport that you both love and have never played. If sports aren’t your thing, try a new hobby. Visit the local museum, take out your old guitar, watch some videos on embroidery, the choices are endless.

Have a spa-day at home

Real spas can be quite expensive so why not have a relaxing spa day right at home? Enjoy a hot bath together in the bathtub, use all the lavender bath bombs and essential oils Australia online, or light up some candles, give each other massages, apply face scrubs and packs and simply relax.

Take a night walk

Why go out into nature only when the sun is shining? A nice night walk is extremely romantic so take a stroll down the beach or city streets at night. Walking around secluded areas is fine as long as your safety is guaranteed. You shouldn’t let romance get you in trouble. You can have some late-night ice cream, talk about the future and just enjoy each other’s company.

Go to the carnival

Go back to being a bit of a child, perhaps by going to a playground. Let your most uninhibited and childish side express itself and enjoy the moment, without worrying too much about the looks of others. there is no age to fun and of course there is no age to a carnival. Hop on some rides, eat cotton candy, take crazy photos in the photo booth and watch a magic show.


Take a bag and a few clothes and spend the weekend out. Also choose a nearby destination, so you won’t spend your entire trip on the commute. Be spontaneous and pick some unique places to visit. Do a quick search on Google, plan out the destinations, pack a backpack and hit the road. It is always fun to take a road trip with your loved one. Seeing and experiencing new places will be truly fulfilling.

Make a dessert

Cooking together can be quite romantic. Pick a dessert you both like and have fun preparing it. This will teach you coordination, team work, patience also not forgetting the sexy things you can try with whipped cream while making the dessert. So, head down to the local store, grab some strawberries, flour, sugar and anything you need and get baking.