Many things these days involve the use of plastic or single use plastic. Almost everything around is made from it, as it is cheap, durable and easier to manufacture. Living in a world without plastic seems impossible and to some extent that is possibly true. However, with the changes in mindset, the proof of climate change and long-term negative effects of plastic the world has started looking at a series of alternatives.

Many sustainable products made from recycled materials and organic materials have entered the market in the recent past. This has also been the case for baby items and essentials. There isn’t a better way to bring up a child than using or teaching them about sustainability from a young age. Therefore, here are baby essentials that can also be sustainable.

Baby clothes

Believe it or not you also now get sustainable and organic baby clothes where the material is not treated with chemicals or harmful substances. These clothes are made in order to encourage sustainability and limiting the use of chemicals that may even react with your baby’s skin. Unlike most clothes that are made in factories in bulk, organic clothes are made with a little more care to ensure safety and sustainability.

Baby nappies

Contrary to ancient belief of having to dispose of a nappy after use, manufactures have now made nappies that can simply be reused. This would drastically reduce the use of single use nappies that make up a lot of garbage that is considered un-biodegradable. Made out of organic material reusable nappies

Baby shoes

Babies have a habit of biting everything shoes are no exception. Baby shoes that are made of organic material are completely safe even if your baby takes a bite of it. They are made of re washable material so you can use them for longer too.

There are many brands that advertise and sell organic baby shoes due to how useful and popular they have gotten due to how it is much better for a baby’s skin. Another reason these shoes are a must is that they are designed for all seasons so that your baby is warm and safe during winter or free and comfortable during summer.

Baby toys

Even if parents haven’t moved into the organic clothes just yet, sustainable toys are ever growing in popularity. Wooden, rubber toys have started to replace plastic. These toys are safer for a baby to play as plastic has tiny parts that can be swallowed by accident. Sustainable toys are now commonly found as parents have started to move on from plastic toys.

Baby feeding items

Milk bottles, breast pumps and all other feeding items are too made from plastic. However, it is unsure of how much chemicals have been used. It can be harmful to the mother and the baby. Therefore, many companies and brands have started producing organic or sustainable feeding items for babies. These also range from water bottles, zip lock bags for food storage and cutlery.