Top 5 Alternative Uses Of Balers Twine

If you’re in the agricultural industry, you’re pretty much aware what a balers twine is and its primary use in farming operations. This cord’s primary use is for tying fibrous products like hay and straw together to form stacks for storage and transport. It’s mostly in-demand for that specific purpose. But did you know that the uses of a baling twine go way beyond just a cord for storing hay?


That’s right. Just like any other type of rope, baling twine also serves other purposes, mainly on tying things together. In this article, we’re going to show you five alternative uses of baling twine that you will find useful.

1.) Turn it into a livestock halter

Apart from its usefulness in tying hay together, you can also use it as an effective livestock halter. All you need to do is to plait it well to become a durable halter than can handle your livestock animals.


2.) Tying up fences or gates around the farm

A balers twine is also useful as an alternative tie that will hold together your farm fence or even your gate. Just make sure that you tie it correctly to make sure it doesn’t fall off easily.


3.) Use as a poor man’s belt

How many times have you been working in the field when all of a sudden your trousers went loose? Fortunately, you can use your baling twine as an alternative belt to hold your pants in place and for you to continue working.


4.) Tying up the farm dog

Your farm dog can be useful for herding your sheep, or as a protector for your livestock. At night, you can use your balers twine to tie your dog to avoid it from wandering off without you knowing.


5.) Use as an alternative bootlace

You can use your baling twine as an alternative boot lace just in case your lace suddenly broke while you are working. Just make sure that you use the thinnest baling twine so that it will easily fit with the holes on your boots.



These are just five of the most common uses of balers twine; there is no limit to its many other applications. You can use it as a pull cord on the toilet; for hanging pictures at home; or you can use it as a bracelet for young farmers. The possibilities are endless with baling twine. So start using it for other purposes and see just how multipurpose it can be.