Why Homeowners Like You Should Ponder on the Use of Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering is gaining ground as the most preferred option for restoring and improving exterior walls in Australian homes these days. If you compare it to traditional cement rendering which was the preferred choice by many years ago, acrylic rendering offers versatility and other benefits. The acrylic rendering process adds acrylic polymer to the common render mixture. Doing so means the mixture receives additional flexibility as well as an increase in strength.

Acrylic rendering Gold Coast is more versatile and can be efficiently used on almost any surface. It undeniably provides a beautiful finish that shows a sense of sophistication to the rendered areas. This specific type of rendering can be applied either by using rollers or standard trowel which is one of the leading reasons why it becomes more and more popular over the years. Not only that but also, it can be easily sprayed on areas that are being rendered.

Stone finish, lime, glistening, marble, clay and stipple finish are some of the numerous kinds of finishes acrylic rendering offers. To give you further ideas on how beneficial acrylic rendering is, we provide a list below showcasing its amazing features.

As a material alone, acrylic is highly durable and very flexible. Both heat of the day and coolness of the night contribute to damaging the other materials through expansion and contraction. However, if your walls are acrylic rendered, you will not be affected by this natural issue. Hence you will have a wall that is peel or crack-free.

One of the best advantages of acrylic rendering is its extreme versatility. So, regardless of the surface of the wall, rest assured if you use acrylic rendering, you will achieve a high-quality finish. The majority of home exterior walls are constructed of brick or cement but acrylic rendering on the other hand also effectively works smoothly on both timber and painted surfaces.

Unlike other building rendering options that take a couple of months before it turns dry, acrylic rendering only takes a few days. In short, there is no long time waiting for acrylic to dry. Not just your project will be completed in days, but also the risk of vulnerability to unfavourable weather conditions is minimal. If you opt for acrylic rendering, you will never face any worry about the sudden changes in weather here in Australia.

Dissimilar to other building rendering options available today, acrylic rendering Gold Coast is textured, allowing a variety of finishes. The most commonly recognised finish is the smooth and clean one but don’t you worry because acrylic rendering offers limitless options from designs to textures, thereby making it possible for you to achieve the look you desire for your property. Best of all, acrylic as a render won’t cost that much.