Wardrobe Door Wars: What Is the Best Option for Large Rooms?

Wardrobe closets are no longer a thing of the past these days as more and more women splurge on clothes, shoes, and bag collections. Fashion is booming, and the rise of social media has paved the way for wardrobes to gain momentum among robust shoppers who can’t get enough of purchasing luxury goods. However, people who love shopping also find themselves struggling to decide on wardrobe closet designs and features that will complement their bedroom space.


If you have a spacious room and you’re planning to have a wardrobe installed, you have two popular options when it comes to choosing which doors will suit your personality and space better: hinged or sliding doors.



Sliding wardrobe doors are popular among celebrities because they often have to display their collection during in-home interviews. Experts have widely recommended these wardrobe doors to people who have smaller rooms because they are space-savers. They also suit people who prefer contemporary interior designs.


Since your room is large, sliding doors can provide more space for additional installations that you may want to include in your bedroom. Sliding doors are on the modern side of interior designing. For some homeowners, this option is more chic and stylish. The downside is, sliding wardrobe doors could make a spacious room look empty, especially if you’re someone who likes minimalistic themes or you prefer not to have a lot of furniture on your bedroom.


Aside from sliding doors, you can also consider the hinged wardrobe doors mirrored option. This particular type of wardrobe door is more suitable for bigger spaces. Since you can make use of every corner of the closet, you can store a lot more items in an organized and sharp manner. The mirrored surface also adds a modern touch to the traditional design that has been around for decades.


When you choose hinged wardrobe doors mirrored types, it is worth noting that all of the doors can be opened at the same time, giving you a full view of your accessories so you can pick out your outfit-of-the-day selections. Functionality is a significant aspect that hinged doors provide. Once you’ve decided on the ensemble you’ll wear for the day, you can close the doors, and the mirrored exterior will help you find out if you made the right match.


Probably the best advantage that hinged doors offer is size variations. You can consult with your provider and designer regarding the size of your wardrobe. Since hinged doors are more traditional than the sliding option, you have more finishes and sizes to choose from.


Both sliding and hinged wardrobe doors have their pros and cons. You can choose either, but for spacious bedrooms and bigger collections, it’s best to lean on functionality.